Yamaha MSR400 12 Powered Speaker 400 Watts


This 400 watt active speaker provides exceptional full range sound and is the perfect partner for the MSR800W sub. If you ve ever put together a highperformance sound system you know that it involves careful amplifier and speaker matching and configuration. Yamaha has taken care of that so you can get directly to great sound without the usual complications. The MSR400 powered speaker can be used alone or in combination with a powered subwoofer to build any sound reinforcement system from modest to massive. They look great too In fact they are so attractive that they can be placed asis in many permanent installations without requiring any cosmetic coverup. And of course they re more than rugged enough for demanding tour applications as well. Features: * Powered loudspeakers give you matched components without the hassle * 12 woofer * 1.75 titanium HF driver * 400 watt amp builtin * Clear clean highs and mids plus full bass * Biamped system with phaseaccurate crossover design