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Amusement Rentals

24 Seven Productions has a complete line of amusement products for rent for any event! Classic games such as Asteroids, Arm Champ 2, Darts, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Dance Dance Revolution and many more! Our Las Vegas sports rentals include Formula 1, basketball hoops, baseball pitching arcade, football throwing arcade, Super Shot basketball, MoCap Boxing, Indy 500 and much more. If it Las Vegas casino games for rent you need, explore these options… Big Bertha Slot Machine, a blackjack table, Craps, Pai-Gow poker, the list goes on.

Our Las Vegas game rentals also include racing games, tables games, pinball and simulation games. In short, 24 Seven can provide almost any game your events call for. Call or email 24 Seven Productions if you have any questions!


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