WAVE – Oceana DMX Lighting Effect


Dance on water. The wave-like pattern of blue multi-rays projected by the Chauvet DMX-355 Oceana 2-channel DMX lighting effect come from the exclusive “S”-shaped linear lamp rotating on a horizontal axis. Gives you DMX control over blackout, speed of rotation, pre-programs, sound activation, and strobing. A total of 40 lenses includes 20 light blue and 20 dark blue lenses. Features built-in sound-activated programs and automatically enters standalone mode when no DMX signal is present. Linkable via master/slave. Fan cooled. Oceana DMX Lighting Effect Features: * 2-channel DMX-512 effect * DMX control over: * Blackout * Speed of rotation * Pre-programs * Sound-activation * Strobing * • 40 lenses total: 20 light blue & 20 dark blue * Projects a wave like pattern of blue multi-rays due to an exclusive * “S” shaped linear lamp rotating on a horizontal axis * Built-in sound-activated programs * Automatically enters stand-alone when no DMX signal is present * Linkable via master/slave * Fan cooled * Optional controllers: * Programmable: any universal DMX- 512 controller * Non-programmable: CH-X blackout controller