Vault Money Booth


Vault Money Booth

The Vault Money Booth is “The Cadillac” of money booths. If you want the best in both function and appearance, look no further. From its high gloss aluminum diamond plate accents, to its tastefully done graphics lighting, you cannot make a better presentation than with The Vault. Unit blows real money, play money, and coupons. No clumping on the floor as in most booths. Perfect as traffic builders in trade show booths or for corporate incentives. ** Custom Branding Opportunities Available **

Weight: 492 lbs
Dimensions: 32” W x 58” L x 85” H
Power Requirements: 110V 10 Amps
Notes: Includes fake money, Client may provide real money if desired.

Programmable moving message sign.  Customizable branding

Vault Money Booth Frequently Asked Questions

-What is the weight of the Vault Money Booth?
Approximately 400 lbs.

-What are the dimensions?
32″W x 60″L x 90″H

-What are the power requirements?
110V 5 Aamps

-How long does it take to set up/tear down?
10 minutes

-How much money can you put in the machine at once?
350-400 bills, but we recommend only 250-350 bills at once

-Do you have to use fake money?
Real money is ok

How long do you suggest having people stay in the booth to do a money grab?
15 to 20 seconds, although you can set the timer in the booth for up to 60 seconds
(5 second increments)

What is the average amount of bills that someone grabs in a turn in the booth based on a certain amount of time?
15 to 25 bills (average) in 20 seconds

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