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Not only is Ron Burgundy a San Diego’s top rated newsman, but he is also the lead singer/ jazz flutist in the Anchormen. Along with dimwitted meteorologist /guitarist Brick Tamland, lead field reporter /bassist Brian Fantana, and sportscaster/drummer Champ Kind.

This news team can croon out some of your favorite disco, one hit wonders, and classic rock from the 70’s , in that awkward, self centered, chauvinistic swagger that only the legendary Ron Burgundy and his news team can deliver.

Based on the movie “Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy”, The Anchormen is more than just your typical concert. It features live improv, interviews, and synced video incorporated into the show by these four comical musicians playing the entire time in character. The Anchormen – They bring the rock, so you don’t have to get it yourself.