Technics SL-1200MK5 Direct Drive Professional Turntable: The Legacy Continues After decades of dominance, it’s no wonder that when people think turntables, they think of Technics. Building on the industry standards set by the SL-1200MK2, the hot Technics SL- 1200MK5 Direct Drive Turntable offers a number of groundbreaking features along with the time-tested functions made famous by the original ?wheel of steel. Significant tonearm modifications have greatly reduced skipping and with customizeable braking speeds, you can really fine tune your performance. There is also a Quartz-Lock (zero pitch) button and a selectable pitch range of + or -8%. The long- life LED stylus illuminator is also a fun new innovation. Features: * Quartz direct drive accuracy with continuous pitch adjustment up to + or -8% * Very high torque motor for quick start-ups (only 0.07 seconds stop to speed) * Custom brake speed control * LED pop-up work light * Built-in anti-skate adjustment up to 6g * Arm-end scale