The Simpsons Pinball Party Pinball Machine


The Simpsons Pinball Party Pinball Machine

The adventures of America’s most colorful family, THE SIMPSONS, are transformed into a wild affair in STERN Pinball’s newest pinball machine, The Simpsons Pinball Party Pinball Machine. The game features many of THE SIMPSONS favorite characters on a two-level playfield, complete with game modes influenced by various classic SIMPSONS’ episodes.

The object of THE SIMPSONS PINBALL PARTY™ is to help the citizens of Springfield to party like there’s no tomorrow. The game features a talking-moving Homer head and Bart on a skateboard attached to a captive ball feature, as well as Itchy & Scratchy drop targets and Comic Book Guy.

Length: 56″
Width: 29″
Height: 77″
Weight: 260 lbs
Power Requirements: 110v, 8 Amps

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