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SDB is an 80s 90s and contemporary cover band with a speakeasy style.

Following in the footsteps of Grammy award winning artist Jamie Cullim and YouTube sensations Postmodern Jukebox, the Shaun DeGraff Band (SDB) combines the ultimate popular song list of today with a re imagined acoustic pop/jazz sound.

Right at home either as background music and/or full blown dance party, SDB is a perfect choice for any event looking for something fresh, classy, fun, and different.

SDB is fully configurable from a 3 piece trio to a 7 piece full band with female vocalist and horns. Dave Surrat from Las Vegas Weekly magazine describes them as “…..popular songs served chilled with a splash of burbon, barbecue sauce and a vanilla hookah”.

So for your next “special” event. Do you want vibe? Do you want an experience? Or do you want more of the same? I think the answer is simple. SDB. Everything new just got old again.