OffRoad Thunder Racing Game (Linkable)


OffRoad Thunder Racing Game (Linkable)

The OffRoad Thunder game takes you into the ultimate off road racing experience! Hit the gas and go for the win! Choose from Demolition mode where you get points for knocking other players out of your way, “Snag the Flag” where points are awarded for getting and holding onto the flag, or you can race in Rally mode and just for the win. As you make your way through any of modes you can hit the nitrous as make your way to first place knocking other cars out of your way.

Notes: We recommend renting minimum of (2) units to maximize gameplay experience.

Dimensions: 30″ W x 66″ L x 75″ H (Per Seat)
Power Requirements: 110V 5 Amps

Weight: 490 lbs

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