Motocross Go! Motorcross Racing Game (Linkable)


Motocross Go! Motorcross Racing Game (Linkable)

Motocross Go Racing puts you in the action when you take a seat and rev it up! This Cross-country motor cross motorcycle racing game can link together so two people can race at the same time. Motocross Go players lean the bike left and right for turning. In Motocross Go!, players can also turn the handlebars left and right. The combination of these two controls permits players to lean into a turn and counter-steer on the way out of it.
Notes: We recommend renting minimum of (2) units to maximize gameplay experience.

Dimensions: 33″ W x 68″ L x 74″ H (Per Seat)
Power Requirements: 110V 5 Amps

Weight: 606 lbs

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