Lady Gaga


Tierney Elizabeth is a triple threat Lady Gaga Tribute Artist. Not only does she sing live in her performances, but she also dances and plays the piano. Tierney takes pride in her accurate portrayal of Lady Gaga and strives to stay current on Gaga’s ever- changing look. Tierney began her music career at the age of 7, when she picked up her first violin. After joining the elementary school orchestra, she began private instruction and soon after, was accepted in to the San Jose Symphony Youth Orchestra. At the age of 12, she guest soloed with the San Francisco Concerto Orchestra. Singing came into Tierney’s life while she attended an award-winning performing arts middle school. She was attending the school primarily as a violinist and dancer, but after being exposed to the choir, she soon found a new love. Her passion for singing grew when she was enrolled in private vocal instruction at the Opera Institute of California. After high school, Tierney went on to join various bands as a lead singer, violinist, guitarist, and drummer. She followed her dream of stardom to LA, where she was cast in music videos, modeling ads, and eventually found her spot as a Lady Gaga Tribute Artist. While Tierney had not been a Gaga fan initially, she grew to become a die hard “Little Monster” as she researched Gaga for her first tribute show in LA. Since her first show 2 years ago, she has done music videos, private events, meet and greets, photo shoots, and many other events that allow her to dress up as her favorite pop artist, Lady Gaga ✝