Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Taylor’s life has mirrored Jimi Hendrix’s to the point of being uncanny. Let me explain: I first became aware of our similarities when I was in the Air Force when a friend gave me a biography of Jimi’s life called “Kiss the Sky” where I read that he too was in the military (Army Airborne) which, I understand was the Air Force at that time. Jimi was 20 years old also, as I was, when we enlisted. Then I read that one of his good friends brought him his guitar when he was in boot camp which also happened to me just two months prior. That was really wierd. We both lost our Mothers when we were 10 years old. I read that Jimi’s Dad bought him his first guitar as did mine. We were both born in the month of November. I also have a brother named Leon although he is older not younger. We both share a Native American heritage, he was Black/Cherokee tribe and I am Black/Apache tribe. Our names, our look but mostly we both had major life changing spiritual experiences that we base our music on. The idea of Jimi’s Image was born in the summer of ’87 at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Since then the bands personnel has undergone many changes to finally arrive at it’s most polished and professsional level. I grew up in the California Bay Area, toured Germany with USAFE, traversed the Alaska Hwy 6 times and now reside in the Entertainment capitol of the World, Las Vegas. So it seems that I have much more than just looks and name in common with the late Jimi Hendrix. Hmmm __Jimi’s Image has shared the stage with the likes of Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Iron Butterfly, Greg Rolie and Mountain. We have also toured with Mexican super group “El Tri” and shared audiences of up to twenty (20) thousand. Jimi’s Image is, and will continue to be, dedicated to preserving the legacy of the most revered band in history, The Jimi Hendrix Experience.