Harley Davidson Motorcycle Racing Game (Linkable)


Harley Davidson Motorcycle Racing Game (Linkable)

Harley Davidson L.A. Riders Arcade Game is a motorcycle game that allows players to choose from a variety of Harleys to ride. Race to various points around L.A. before the timer expires. Avoid a variety of obstacles and pick up bonus items scattered throughout the landscape. Looking for a competitive experience? Link additional Harley Davidson L.A. Riders Arcade Games together and you can double or triple the fun. The first ever video game featuring the world’s favorite motorcycle, Harley-Davidson! Model 3 3D graphics create the experience of cruising through Los Angeles streets and highways as players take short cuts, side streets, and detours as 2 rip-roaring speakers growl with the authentic Harley Davidson engine sound.

Notes: We recommend renting minimum of (2) units to maximize gameplay experience.

Dimensions: 32″ W x 59″ L x 78″ H (Per Seat)
Power Requirements: 110V 5 Amps

Weight: 353 lbs

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