Giant Wooden Kerplunk


Giant Wooden Kerplunk

This Giant wooden Kerplunk game is perfect for any events you have coming up or just family bonding.  We have created your favorite lounge room game and turned it into your Giant Extravaganza. The aim of the game is to pull out a stick and to not drop any balls. If you do you have to keep the balls that fall. The person at the end of the game with the least amount of balls wins. Kerplunk is a children’s game first marketed by in 1967.  The original version of the game uses a plastic yellow tube rather then our wooden giant version. You can personalize this game by using the games at weddings and having your guests sign the balls or painting them various colors. The game is perfect for family fun or various events. The game can be played by anyone of any age. You can even play in groups getting everyone involved and having healthy competition.


Wooden Cage 5′ ft tall x 26 inch diameter

Wooden Stand
50 Wooden Sticks
30 Natural Wooden Balls
Lid for easy ball drop

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