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Far from the tether ball courts of Preston High, Napoleon, Pedro, Deb, and Kip are bringing the realization of their musical dreams to your hometown.

From a humble beginning in rural Idaho, this eclectic trio has formed together to become the band everyone’s been waiting for…Dynamite! With the characters (from the movie Napoleon Dynamite) These 3 comical/musical geniuses captivate any audience when they unleash their accurate impersonations of the movie characters.

Combined with sweet nun chuck skills and their undeniable musical talent, Dynamite attracts fans with their selection of popular dance songs from the 80’s, 90’s and today….driven by their basic desires to earn money for tater tots and cage fighting classes.

With enough encouragement, Napoleon will even come out and perform his killer dance moves! Kip is always going on about technology, cage fighting, and his online chats with hot babes!