Custom Programmable Win Win Slot Machine


Custom Programmable Win Win Slot Machine

A slot machine is a great promotional tool to draw people to your trade show booth or sales event. With our Programmable Slot Machine, you are sure to get the traffic you deserve. You have the option to set the slot machine reels to include images of your prizes, products and services, and even your corporate logo, provides a level of branding you won’t find elsewhere.

Our Programmable Slot Machine Offers:

-Custom Programmed to distribute prizes throughout the show. Maximum control over prize distribution.
-Customize the spinning reels with images of your prizes, your company logos, products & services, etc.
-Apply your branding to the graphics on the machine itself
-Customize the audio to generate the perfect level of excitement. Includes Header, belly and Face plate graphics
-Provide the most amount of brand-ability and prize giveaway control.

Dimensions: 2’W x 3’L x 6’H

Power: 10amps

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