Bose L1Model I Dual System/Quad Bass Package


Unique, all-in-one system delivers clear, powerful sound across the stage and throughout small to medium-sized venues. Hear what your audience hears, and eliminate conventional monitors, mixers and PA systems. Presenting a better way to reach your audience, and an easier way to carry and set up your PA. The L1 Model 1S system combines the portability of Bose’s L1 Compact system with the performance of their L1 Model II system. It is engineered with an articulated line array to deliver 180-degree coverage for audiences of up to 300. This 12-speaker line array produces consistent tonal balance throughout the venue with less drop-off in SPL over distance than conventional loudspeakers. It consists of only four lightweight pieces, so it’s easy to carry and sets up and breaks down in minutes. The materials are specifically constructed to meet the travel and performance demands of solo musicians, mobile DJs, bands and general PA applications. The L1 Model 1S system can be configured to a performer’s preference with the (4) included B1 bass modules for greater portability. In addition, the integrated ToneMatch port provides a single cable digital connection to the optional ToneMatch audio engine, which maintains the tone of specific instruments and microphones. Focus more on your music and less on your gear, with the L1 Model 1S system from Bose. Features: •Includes (2) L1 Model 1S Systems, (4) B1 Bass Modules •Recommended for higher-range instruments and voices •Features Spatial Dispersion loudspeaker technology, available only from Bose •Proprietary 12-speaker articulated line array delivers 180-degree coverage for audiences up to 300. •Line array produces consistent tonal balance – from front to back – with less drop-off in SPL over distance than conventional loudspeakers. •Consists of only four lightweight pieces that set up and break down in minutes. •Durable components connect easily without the need for speaker stands.