Compact, powerful, and portable the MATRIX-200 Active Speaker PA System delivers clean, accurate sound ideal for both stage and music playback applications. The MATRIX-200 has a true 200W stereo amplifier, built-in five-channel mixer, studio-quality digital effects, phantom power, and numerous patch inputs and outputs. ** Features ** Eight built-in high-quality DSP effects Level control to mix processed signal with main signal INPUT/MASTER switch to route effects to either Master section or to individual channels Powerful routing to combine optional outboard effects with internal DSP effects Matrix 200 Stereo power amplifier Output stage with discrete devices, not integrated IC amps Output power of 2 x 100W RMS with high headroom Comprehensive amplifier and speaker protection circuitry to guard against short circuits, DC offsets, overheating, turn-on thumps, subsonic and supersonic frequencies Built-in stereo clip limiter Equalization customized to enhance and optimize speaker system performance Output for stereo headphones on rear panel Very efficient cooling, utilizing a large heatsink and two direct flow fans Power supply with low-noise torodial transformer and a dual voltage (115/230Vac) selector switch Matrix 200 Five-channel mixer Four channels with both balanced XLR mic inputs and unbalanced 1/4″ jack line level inputs 15V dc phantom power on balanced XLR inputs for condenser microphones Pan, tone, and level controls on each channel One stereo input channel for stereo sources Dual input with 1/4″ TRS jack and 3.5mm jack to connect any 2-channel source, Dedicated mono 1/4″ jack INSTRUMENT input with frequency response contoured for acoustical instruments Pan/balance, tone, and effect controls Low distortion, low noise circuitry Playback input/output RCA connectors with level control Patch section to connect optional external processors, external effects, and footswitch 3-band master EQ section XLR subwoofer output and SUB switch on rear panel to connect a powered subwoofer Matrix 200 Loudspeakers Dual 6-1/2″ drivers optimized for Di’Ippolito configuration (one speaker high, one low) 1″ exit phenolic tweeter on exponential horn to match acoustic response of 6-1/2″ drivers Dimensions: 20″ W x 32″ H x 15″ D Weight: 80 lbs.