When setting up at a corporate event or trade show in Las Vegas, furniture and stage rentals could be more cost-efficient than providing your own. In fact, you may find items that could amplify your event and engage the audience.

Save Money on an Event in Vegas with Rentals

Las Vegas is one of the most memorable places to hold a corporate event of any kind. Not only can the event be an attraction of its own, but the city itself holds many wonders for those attending your gala. When you use rental facilities and equipment, you could save a great deal of money when compared to the costs of moving your own furniture and gear. This can help you enhance the Vegas experience for everyone by putting more money towards the entertainment.

Costs of Moving Your Own Equipment

Depending on which area of the country you’re coming from, equipment and furniture transportation is going to cost you a lot of money. You’ll need to figure in round trips, gasoline and possible lodging for the movers. Even if you fly your gear into the city, you’ll incur cargo costs, and transportation to and from the airport will still need to be arranged.

Some business owners believe costs for loading and unloading furniture can be saved by allowing employees to do the job. While this will eliminate the costs for hiring professional movers, it also reduces the efficiency of the employee. For example, using an employee to load a moving truck reduces the time he or she needs for completing business-related tasks. Instead of getting the work you hired the individual for, you’ll get less productivity during the time the employee loads the truck.

Getting More Out of the Experience

Although you may have a prospective theme in mind for the corporate event, rental companies likely have equipment and furniture that will accentuate the occasion on-hand. Lighted decor, lounges, bars and more can be found for corporate event rentals in Las Vegas. This could add a great deal of ambiance to the room or booth, enhancing the experience for attendees.

Allow Your Money to Go Further

After considering the costs of moving your own items across the country, you may decide that it’s more feasible to rent your furniture and equipment in Las Vegas. The money saved could be used in a variety of ways, including entertainment and food for your employees. Before you plan a corporate event, consider all possibilities that can reduce your costs and add a convenience factor, including renting equipment.