YouTube was originally created as a social media site where anyone could upload their own videos for fun. In recent years, incredible artists have rose to stardom

Best YouTube Cover Artists and Stations

The next time you hold a corporate event, you can find incredible Las Vegas cover bands to play some tunes. Before you book them, you can get a great idea of how familiar songs can have a new twist from seeing some of the amazing talent on YouTube. There are artists who were once unknown and making videos for fun but have now turned into international sensations. You can also find stations that have popular bands come in and play covers of famous hits.

Boyce Avenue

One of the original cover bands on YouTube to rise to fame is Boyce Avenue. Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian are brothers from Sarasota, Florida, who were originally a local band playing small shows, but YouTube helped them become internationally known. Led by Alejandro’s vocals, the brothers produced stripped down versions of songs by artists like Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Maroon 5 and Coldplay.

The British Invasion

BBC Radio 1 is one of the biggest radio stations in England and has also created a YouTube channel filled with fun. The DJs and staff members create a variety of wacky videos, but the best part about the station is their Live Lounge feature. Famous artists from the UK and the United States come and perform versions of their own songs and play a cover of their choosing. If you love covers and discovering new artists who you may have never heard of before, this YouTube channel is perfect for you.

Sam Tsui

In 2009, Glee first aired on Fox and quickly came one of the top shows on TV. It’s a show that took kids in school who didn’t quite fit in but showcased their incredible singing talents in glee club by performing covers. The show’s first hit was “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, and Sam Tsui managed to see the same success by covering Glee’s version on YouTube. Sam and his producer friend Kurt Schneider put together a unique video of Sam doing multiple parts to the song, which quickly blew up on YouTube. Now, Sam works with a variety of other YouTube artists to create more covers of modern hits.