A guide to some new technologies that can spice up corporate events with Vegas-style excitement.

High-Tech Thrills for Las Vegas Corporate Events

Las Vegas is all about the excitement of flashing lights, fast-paced gaming, and extravagant displays. You can bring that excitement off the strip and into your corporate event or company party with all kinds of electrifying technology available for rent from local Las Vegas production and rental companies. This millennium has ushered in even higher expectations for guests, and event decor has met these expectations with amazing success. High-tech isn’t just for technology companies. Video and LED displays can be utilized in a variety of styles, from conservative branding to dazzlingly avant-garde.

3-D Video Projection

3-D video projection mapping can transform just about any object into a dynamic video display. The use of specialized software allows a projected image to fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens or objects. Some rental companies have specialty screen shapes available; others can project onto any appropriate solid object. This is an exciting technology useful for displaying and enhancing your company’s brand image, setting a theme, or just giving your guests a uniquely Las Vegas welcome. You might even impress your marketing department with the stunning effects this technology can produce.

Interactive LED Video Wall

Your guests can become part of the entertainment and decor with an interactive LED video wall. Integrate your brand logo into full color animations, highlight the event’s theme, or bring any other unique concept to life. Pressure-sensitive LED lighting within the tiles change colors as they’re touched. It’s a great conversation-starter for guests coming over from different departments or various areas of the country.

A Glowing Response

Even the furnishings can light up the night. From glowing cocktail tables and cubes to sound activated and synced LED bar facades, the high-tech decor can go from fun and funky to sleekly high-tech. There’s always something new when it comes to technology, including in entertainment decor. With the help of a Las Vegas corporate event rental company, your organization’s event can glitter and glisten like the Vegas Strip and leave your guests sorry that what happened in Vegas will have to stay in Vegas.