Touch Video Wall


NEC X464UN-2, X554UN-2

Available in up to 222″, we offer you several solutions for Video Wall Touch Technology. Capture your audience with interactive ability, size, and vivid LED colors. You can engage, share and collaborate with up to 32-simultaneous touch points! Bring your content to life on a Touch Video Wall Rental at your next event.

222″ (17.l’W X 7.9’H) SWX4H X464UN ARRAY
208″ (16.2’W X 7.l’H) 4WX3H X554UN ARRAY
198″ (16.2’W X 4.8’H) 4WX2H X554UN ARRAY
186″ (13.8’W X 7.9’H) 4WX4H X464UN ARRAY
167″ (10.4’W X 9.8’H) 3WXSH X464UN ARRAY
165″ (12.3’W X 7.l’H) 3WX3H X554UN ARRAY
146″ (12.3’W X 2.6’H) 3WX1H X554UN ARRAY (LANDSCAPE)
138″ (10.4’W X 6.l’H) 3WX3H X464UN ARRAY
118″ (4.3’W X 9.3’H) 1Wx4H X554UN ARRAY
110″ (8.3’W X 4.8’H) 2WX2H X554UN ARRAY
100″ (3.7’W X 7.9’H) 1WX4H X464UN ARRAY
72″ (4.8’W X 4.3’H) 2WX1H X554UN ARRAY (PORTRAIT)

Touch Video Wall Specs