Giant Crane Game


Giant Crane Game

Looking for a Big WOW and fun at your next event, our Giant Crane Game will do the job! One player tries to win prizes by moving the claw and attempting to grab a prize and drop it into the receiving bin. At a whopping 10′ x 10′ square, this game can be filled with all kinds of prizes; stuffed toys, games, small electronics, t-shirts, souvenirs, trinkets and more (even plastic bones!). This game is a fantastic way to gain exposure on your next trade show or convention floor!
Notes: Popular for custom branding and trade shows, Client to provide prizes.



• What is the weight of the Giant Crane Game?
Approximately 2700 lbs.

• What are the dimensions?
10′ W x 10′ L x 9′ H
• What are the power requirements?
110V 20 Amps
• How long does it take to set up/tear down?
Install: 8 Hours
Strike: 6 Hours
(Note: Does not include Marshalling Time for trade shows).
• What is the average play time per person?
20-25 seconds
• Are there different difficulty modes?
This machine has one difficulty setting, which is set up to maximize a player’s chance of winning a prize.
• What is the ideal prize size a claw can pick up?
9 inches in diameter is recommended. It would be best if the prize is round. We strongly recommend sending in
sample products to test that are similar in weight and size. These sample prizes can be returned onsite during
• Are the panels made of glass?
No, the window panels are made of acrylic.
• How are prizes inserted?
Someone must enter through the prize slot and place the prize in the game.
• What is the weight limit for prizes?
The prize weight limit is 8-10oz max
Note: the game is set up and tested prior to delivery, so we would actually test it with your intended prizes to make sure there are no issues


Dimensions: 10′ W x 10′ L x 9′ H
Power Requirements: 20 Amps 110V

Notes: Popular for custom branding and trade shows, Client to provide prizes.

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