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Eye Candy Floor



This premiere dance floor sets the new standard in LED dance floor brightness, featuring a variety of vivid patterns that are highly visible even in bright ambient light.  The content is programmable with specific event colors, logos, text, and video files (programming is done and approved prior to the event).  Our LED dance floor tiles are custom designed for the fastest installation in the industry, allowing us to comfortably set up the largest floor in less than a few hours…and even faster (if needed) with additional labor.  Currently available in sizes up to 30′ x 50′.  At only 1.6″ tall, each individual tile measures 2′ by 2′ and has an 8 x 8 matrix of high output LEDs.  The dance floor uses minimal power from standard wall outlets, so there are no special power requirements (3 outlets needed for maximum current size).
Control mode:                        proprietary controller with selectable patterns
Dimension(mm):                    L600*W600*H43mm   (24″ x 24″ X 1.6″)
Max power:                            20W
Input voltage:                         100-240v AC
Net Weight:                            13.2KG   (26.4lbs)
Surface material:                    Tempered glass
Base housing material:          metal
Bearing weight:                      500KG/m2
Visual angle:                         120°
Working temperature:            33°-100° F

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