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Seth Grabel’s achievement as a celebrated performer and magician is the quintessential American success story—from his childhood passion for mystery and illusion to his spectacular performance on America’s Got Talent. Seth Grabel was born and raised in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, and had immediate ties to the entertainment industry. With a mother who was a professional dancer and a father who was an accomplished magician, Seth was destined for the bright lights of Hollywood.

The stage was set for his meteoric rise to stardom when, at his fifth birthday party, his parents hired a magician to entertain the children. Right away, the impressionable Seth was hooked on illusion. He took an immediate fascination to the idea of thrilling audiences with the art of magic the awe and joy that results from this form of entertainment.

Combining his acquired marketing and branding experience from his father, along with a top education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Seth’s love for magic exploded into a serious and lucrative profession. With a fierce determination and dedication he began perfecting his skills in front of a mirror, in a small studio apartment. Soon after, Seth’s mesmerizing talents were in high demand.

In 2006 Seth was discovered by the Amazing Johnathan, and was soon asked to perform alongside him. Seth describes the three year experience as “One of the most incredible periods of my life. I learned everything from timing and precision, to the smallest details, like mental preparation and stressing the importance of showmanship and likeability.” Working with the Amazing Johnathan allowed for the development of a truly fresh sense of humor to be incorporated into his shows. Jonathan’s most imperative piece of advice was to find a way to define yourself as a magician and have your own “signature”.

Acromagic quickly became Seth’s most defining feature as a performer. This revolutionary concept incorporates acrobatics and magic, which allows for a genuine sense of creativity and originality. This form of magic has allowed him to perform for countless celebrities and dignitaries. Seth has appeared on EXTRA, Playboy TV, Univision, and CBS among others. He takes every trick to the limit, leaving his viewers astonished, completely blurring the lines between reality and illusion.

With an impressive body of work behind him, 2011 marked the year for an official introduction on the national spotlight. As a highlight performer on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, Seth rattled the cage of the entertainment industry, executing various forms of magic—black, illusionary, and of course acromagic. He was an overwhelming fan favorite, and brought high praise from all the judges—especially Howie Mandel.

Seth has since been tirelessly perfecting his skills as a magician, acrobat, and comedian while touring and selling out major venues across the country. His success hasn’t wavered his immense passion for helping those who are less fortunate, collaborating with major charities like Best Buddies and St. Rose Hospital.
Seth visionary approach to magic continues to escape the confines of tradition, successfully manipulating an audience with illusion and blurring the lines of reality.