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Catalog Number: 247-40
Height: ft in
Weight: lbs.
Hair Color:
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Eric Ita was born in Cross River State, Nigeria, on September 3rd, 1985, where he spent his early childhood with his mother, Grace, and Father, Lawrence. He later moved to Lagos State, where he went to Boarding School. The son of politicians, He started learning The Piano and Guitar at a very young age, and not so far along afterwards, he was performing along side the Nigerian Army Band, playing the Trumpet and Bugle at Nigeria’s Independence Day Celebrations. He moved to The United States, at the age of 15, with his younger sister, Lauretta, to get a college education. Somewhere in the course of life, he found a passion for Modeling. He’s been featured in Magazines, done runway and fashion shows for some top designers, Commercials, Tradeshows and International Conventions Such as MAGIC and CES, and done some work for some upcoming Movies, as well as Production for International Shows. One of Las Vegas’ top Male Models, does enjoy a brilliant easy going life, outside of the hassles of work.