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Catalog Number: 247-10006

Dance Styles: Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Freestyle, Improv

Special Skills:  Tutting, Partnering, Locking, Bboying, Waacking, Tumbling, Skating, Ice Skating,
Bicycle riding, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Running, Tennis, Gamer, Ping Pong,
Beat Boxing, Imitating Accents (Mexican, Indian), Bilingual (Spanish).

Daniel Galeano aka “karma” began his professional career in Las Vegas, doing freelance work for various talent agencies
such as; Dragon Talent Group, Champagne Creative Group, and local artists. Within a year he was able to establish
himself as one dependable individual for any type of work, dance being his main art has allowed him to travel all over the
world starting in the East coast of the USA with Shrine Circus, and most recently booking a contract in China with a
theater and the team “Diamond Dancers” as a dancer/specialty acrobat, and another one with the theme park Romon-U
Park as a dancer, Acrobat and jumping stilts user, most recently karma has comeback to Las Vegas stronger than ever
with a lot more tricks under his sleeve, ready to express and impress.

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