What Goes Into Planning a Corporate Event in Las Vegas?

Corporate event production can be tricky, especially if you’re new to planning large-scale events. Whether you’ve been entrusted with your company’s next party or you’re just looking for a better strategy for planning events, there are some important steps to consider. Here’s a look at what goes into planning a corporate event in Las Vegas.

Developing a Concept

There are many different types of events to consider for your company. Every party is different, with each event containing unique elements. Coming up with a concept should involve a theme, food, entertainment, decor and other details you plan to include.

Set a Budget

Once you have an idea of the theme and the overall concept, you will need to set a budget. This may have already been set for you, which means you need to figure out how to include everything necessary within the constraints of the budget. At this point, you may need to get in touch with a corporate event production company in Las Vegas to offer prices for entertainment rentals and necessary services. Make sure you consider everything from the food to invitations into your budget.

Find a Location

After setting the budget, you can start looking for a location. You should consider how large of an area you need, how close the location is to hotels, what catering options are allowed and other available features of the facility. This is an important part of the event production process, as the venue will set the standard for many of the other options you can include for your event.

Meet with Vendors

One of the most important steps in throwing a great corporate event is meeting with vendors. You may need a vendor for renting a dance floor, video production, food, decorations and many other things. Finding the right vendors for each task will make a huge difference in the outcome of your event.

Design the Menu and Send Out Invitations

Now it’s time to finalize your menu and send out invitations. At this point, you may want to designate somebody to help by running errands for you. This person will provide plenty of help considering there’s still quite a bit of planning and preparation to do.

These are just a few of the basic steps you will need to consider when dealing with corporate event production in Las Vegas. Many of the tasks can be handled by a professional specializing in that specific area of event management. Make sure you keep track of everything you need to do and keep a running “to-do” list, ensuring that your event will be a success. For more information on Las Vegas cover bands, contact 24 Seven Productions today.

Why You Need A Video Wall For Your Next Event

A video wall is a great feature for any Las Vegas event. This type of wall uses a multi-monitor system to create a surface with the ability to play video. It’s usually made up of multiple computer monitors, TV sets and video projectors that are all tiled together to create one large screen.

This wall provides many benefits, including a larger screen to work with, easy customization of the tiles, greater screen area per unit cost and better pixel density per unit cost. These screens can be customized in shape and size and will bring new life to a party or event. Here are some reasons why you should consider a video wall for your next event.

dance floor las vegas

Video walls can liven any event

You will typically find video walls in stadiums, control rooms and other large venues. They can be seen in many airports and used for things such as flight information or baggage claim. However, video walls are also found at many Las Vegas clubs, bars and events.

Since a video wall can be synced to other forms of entertainment and added to an interactive dance floor, they are often used for large parties and events. These screens can be paired with aerial entertainment, provide a back drop for live music performances or be synced to a DJ spinning classic records. Since this type of feature is very flexible, it can be customized for just about any type of event.

Why consider a video wall for your event?

When you add a video wall to your next Las Vegas event, you can have it customized to display any message you prefer. This is an effective way to communicate a marketing message or entertain guests with fun facts and trivia questions. They are very interactive and provide many benefits that will help your event succeed.

Whether you’re planning a corporate party or a promotional event, a video wall can offer a unique way to show off a product or entertain your guests. Since they can be used as the backdrop of many different types of entertainment, the possibilities are endless. Syncing the images, colors and music with an aerial act may be the perfect addition to your next event.

Along with use as a promotional tool or for entertainment purposes, video walls can be used in combination with interactive dance floors to add even more fun to your event. As you plan your next event, keep in mind that a video wall may provide the perfect touch you need to take your party over the top. For more information on video walls or for corporate event rentals in Las Vegas, contact 24 Seven Productions today.

5 Ways to Make your Las Vegas Event Unique

Creating an amazing event in Las Vegas isn’t always easy. The city is known for incredible shows, entertainment and fun, creating high levels of expectation. However, with the right features, you can make your next event a hit. Here are five ways to make your next Las Vegas event unique, leaving your guests wanting more.

LED Tile DJ Booth

The Right Venue

Choosing the right venue, in the right part of Las Vegas is the first thing you should do to stand out. The most popular venues may not be the right choice for your event. Consider something more unique or a venue that offers something you cannot find elsewhere in the city.

Pick the Right Theme

The right event theme makes a huge difference and can dictate what occurs during your event. While some themes are classic and have been done over and over, others are quite unique and may appeal more to your specific audience. Regardless of the theme you choose, make sure you don’t just choose any old theme. Make it fit with the crowd you plan to invite to the event and commit fully to the theme.

Choose Your Entertainment Carefully

Many events are fine with simply sticking a DJ onstage and allowing them to spin freely. This can be great for some parties, but you can choose a more unique form of entertainment instead to ensure your guests experience something like they’ve never seen before. A live musical act, aerial act or go-go dancers may help you set your event apart from all the others.

Add the Best Features

Your event needs the top entertainment features available to make it stand out. You may want to consider renting light-up furniture, games, novelty items and more to keep guests entertained. With the right features, you can add an additional element of fun to your next event.

For example, maybe you are planning a corporate party and you want more than just a dance floor. You could also provide an area full of classic arcade games for those in attendance to enjoy playing.

Pick the Right Dance Floor

If your event will include dancing, you don’t want to go with just the typical wooden floor found in most venues. There are better options, including LED dance floors that can be rented in Las Vegas and customized to fit your theme and event perfectly. LED dance floors provide something very unique, as they can be customized with graphics, text, colors and effects. They come in many sizes and provide the ultimate dancing surface for your party attendees. If you want to keep your guests entertained all night, rent an LED dance floor for your next event.

These are just a few of the many ways you can stand apart from the crowd with your next event. Making your Las Vegas event unique doesn’t have to be difficult. Think outside the box and you will have your guests wanting more when it’s all over. For more information on Las Vegas lighted dance floor rentals, contact 24 Seven Productions today.

Avoid These Often Overlooked Party Problems

When it comes to planning a great event or party, there are always going to be some unforeseen circumstances that arise. While these minor problems might not be the biggest deal, many party related issues can be eliminated with a little planning and awareness. Here are some common event issues that you can put to rest with some foresight and preparation.

Not Enough Seating

One of the most common problems at a large-scale party or event is the lack of seating areas or comfortable chairs. When party guests are done hitting the dance floor, they will likely look for a spot to rest their feet. Without ample seating, guests may look for options outside of the venue to take a load off.

Solve this problem with event furniture rentals in Las Vegas that will provide all party guests with room to rest. From couches to recliners, bring in extra seating to accommodate all event guests adequately.

Small Dance Floor

While some party venues have dance floors with plenty of space for grooving guests, most event spaces don’t have the room to accommodate a party full of people. When not everyone is on the dance floor, it can be tricky to keep the entire party engaged and having a good time.

Don’t worry about having enough wiggle room by preparing your event venue with a specialty dance floor or interactive LED dance floor. Ranging from light up to liquid filled dance floors, ensure that your guests have plenty of space to strut their stuff by renting a dance floor for your event.

Bored Party Guests

Even if you are the greatest party planner on Earth, some people are going to bored at your event. In your attempts to please everyone, some event guests will not be in the partying mood. All it takes is one Debbie Downer to have other partygoers sulking in the corner by the punch bowl.

While there isn’t much that can typically be done to help these party poopers, renting an arcade or casino game can keep these individuals active. Everybody loves classic arcade games and poker, so make these options available to party guests.

Ensure that your next event goes off without a hitch by preparing for these common, but often overlooked party problems. For more information on tips for throwing a party that guests will remember for years to come, give us a call today at (702) 731-2470.

Why Do So Many Corporate Events Fail?

You would think that an event that gets coworkers out of the office in a party setting would typically go off without a hitch. But after nearly every corporate event or gathering, people seem to have the same problems with these company parties. Why do employees sometimes walk away from corporate events feeling unfilled? Here are a few of the most common reasons why your corporate events have been unsuccessful.

Lack of things to do

One of the biggest complaints that guests have with corporate events is a lack of things to do. Many corporate parties have a DJ and a dance floor as entertainment, with little else to do aside from sitting in a circle around a table.

Spruce up your party with an arcade or casino game that will keep your guests entertained all night long. Rent a classic Donkey Kong cabinet or set up a blackjack table or craps game to offer your event attendees an added entertainment option that could help cure the boredom that so many corporate event guests have complained about.

Not enough people dancing

Another common frustration among corporate event attendees is an empty dance floor in a party filled with vivacious people wanting to dance. While some people have come to your event to network and mingle, the majority of people are there to have a good time.

Guarantee a packed dance floor with an interactive lighted or LED dance floor that will have guests grooving throughout the evening. With bright colors, interactive lights and enhanced sound, your attendees will not be able to stop tapping their toes and will find it difficult to leave the dance floor.

Same old speakers

If people are going into an event and they feel like they already know what is going to take place, they aren’t going to be as likely to have a good time. This is especially true if the speaker or entertainment option you have lined up is the same thing that took place at last year’s event.

Keep your corporate event guests guessing with a live band that will tear the roof off your next party. Bring in an 80’s cover band or offer attendees a classy jazz show to provide them with a unique experience that is unlike anything they’ve seen before at a corporate event.

You won’t know you’ve made an event mistake until it is actually taking place. Eliminate the unknown and ensure success at your next large-scale event or party with these helpful tips. For the top corporate event rentals around, give us a call today at (702) 731-2470.

Reasons to Rent a Lighted Dance Floor

When it comes to planning an event, people are always looking for a new and interesting idea that can take their party or event to the next level. But with so many unique party options available, it takes something really innovative for people to be wowed and have their jaws hit the floor. Fortunately, lighted and LED dance floors can provide guests with a colorful and immersive experience unlike anything they’ve seen before. Here are some reasons for renting a lighted dance floor for your next large-scale event or party.

lighted dance floor at event

Get the People Moving

It’s every DJ’s worst nightmare: the music is playing but nobody is dancing. This scenario happens far too frequently at parties, as some people are hesitant to jump on the floor. A lighted dance floor will get everyone on their feet, providing a unique and colorful alternative to the boring wooden dance surface. With video walls made of LED lights that can be added as well, it will be tough removing guests from the dance floor once the party gets going.

It’s Interactive

One of the coolest aspects of a lighted dance floor is that the entire surface is interactive. With lights that flash and make designs based on the movements of people on the floor, guests will not be able to stop moving when their feet are causing the floor to light up. With a virtually endless selection of special effects to choose from, your guests will never be bored and will love busting a move on a floor that moves around them.

Something Pretty to Look at

Never underestimate the power of pretty lights. At a party where guests are expecting to see a wooden floor, music and not much else, they will be going gaga over the most extraordinary light show they’ve ever seen. Don’t worry about losing the attention of your party guests, as they will likely find it difficult to take their eyes off the colorful spectacle that your lighted dance floor will provide.

If you are looking for something to take your party up a notch, consider lighted dance floor rentals for your next event. We guarantee that your guests won’t be able to get enough of the most colorful and entertaining dance floor they have ever seen, providing the ultimate forum for an all-night dance party. For more information, give us a call today at (702) 731-2470.

5 Great Cover Bands in Las Vegas

When it comes to parties, nothing gets a crowd going like a great band. As the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas features countless events with rocking bands that can get a floor shaking. But with so many different groups, it can be tough to find the perfect cover band for your party or event. Here are some of the top Las Vegas cover bands, guaranteed to get you moving your feet and throwing your hands in the air.


loveshack cover band

As the first known 80s tribute group in the country, Loveshack has years of experience getting the party started with the biggest hits from the decade that brought you big hair and MTV. This five-piece group is sure to liven up any event with covers from Madonna, Bon Jovi, Prince and so many more.


elemental cover band

From classic rock to disco, new wave, hard rock, pop and more, there is no genre of music that Elemental can’t handle. With flawless vocals and ridiculous instrumentation, Elemental will turn any party into a full-fledged rock show. Hear the best tunes from the 70’s, 80’s 90’s and today like you’ve never heard them before.


dynamite cover band

Dressed like the characters from the film Napoleon Dynamite, these nerds are ready to blow the roof off the joint. Playing a wide variety of hits from the 80’s, 90’s and today, let the gang from rural Idaho impress you with their skilled guitar licks and stunning vocals that will have you busting out your killer dance moves.

Sin City Symphony

sin city symphony cover band

We guarantee you’ve never seen a cover band like this before. Showcased by a full band that contains four electric strings and two percussionists, this rocking orchestra can liven up any dance floor with their unique and classy cover songs. With different sets for different occasions, the Sin City Symphony is the ideal party band for any event imaginable.


discolicious cover band

There’s no stopping the funk when Disco-licious is in the building. Serving up the finest covers from the groovy 70’s, get down with the cats in Disco-licious for a night of music that will take you back to a different time. From KC & the Sunshine Band to Gloria Gaynor, groove all night long to the top 70’s covers from Disco-licious.

Whatever genre or style of music you prefer, there is a great Las Vegas cover band to suit your needs. For more information on a great sounding cover or tribute band, give us a call today at (702) 731-2470.

How To Throw A Killer Party In Las Vegas

Making a statement in Sin City isn’t the easiest thing to do. In a town defined by its neon lights, high-rises, and outstanding (or sometimes even outlandish) events, standing out is normal. If you’re planning to host a noteworthy bash, you need the right venue, the right guests, and the right festivities — all of the bells and whistles. Lucky for you, we’ve got a list of party elements that are sure to take your celebration from casual to crazy.

A multicolor holographic dancer floor

1. Holographic dance floors

Add an extra dimension to your space. With these floors, lights bounce off of the holographic vinyl to cast spectrums of color around the room and creatively give your party that bump it needs. They’re also easy to install (and easy to remove), so no sweat.

2. Go-go dancers

There’s no point in having a killer dance floor if your party’s atmosphere doesn’t encourage people to dance. Having a couple of go-go dancers invites your attendees to get their groove on without feeling self-conscious. You can even tailor your dancers’ costumes to the theme of your party!

3. Glamorous games

Set up a couple of arcade games, or maybe a few casino games, and your guests will never get bored. From PacMan to Dance Dance Revolution to blackjack tables, these activities will make your event entertaining and interactive.

Lime green tables glowing in the darkness

4. Flashy furniture

You want photos of your party popping up on Instagram for months to come, so the aesthetic of your event has to be deserving of a snapshot. Rent out LED bars and DJ booths, so your invitees feel like they’ve transcended planet Earth and have been transported into the party world of their dreams. Throw in a neon, light-up “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, and you’ve got the whole package.

5. Live entertainment

Seal the deal with some great acts. Whether you book a musician, a band or a crazy group of acrobats, a sweet set of performers will take your event to the next level.

To host your celebration of the century, visit 24 Seven Pro for Las Vegas event rentals. Call us today at (702) 731-2470 or visit us on the web at www.24sevenpro.com to get more information on our event decorations, live entertainment and party packages.

Using Party Rentals To Plan A Casino Night

For those planning a casino themed party, there are some great party rental companies you can use to make it an evening to remember. As one of the most popular themes, casino nights are great for any size group.

A blackjack dealer surrounded by gamblers

Photo by Hope Moore

Decisions to be made before contacting a party rental company

First, you will need to figure the number of guests, the location, the budget and the type of event space needed to accommodate your party. You want to be sure you have enough supplies for the number of people that will be attending. You also want to make sure the space you are using will function well with several tables and people moving around gambling. The location should be somewhere that is easily accessible and not too far away from your guests.

Once you’ve determined these factors, you can start getting your rental needs planned out.

What you will need to rent for casino night

Party rentals can offer the perfect solutions to your casino night needs. Once you’ve determined your guest list and location, you can start renting tables and accessories that fit your casino theme. Make sure the size of the tables will work in the space you’re using. Popular casino night games include poker, craps, blackjack and roulette.

Game dealers

Most companies providing casino rentals also offer experienced dealers capable of teaching the game to your guests, if necessary. Dealers usually wear black bow ties and white tuxedo shirts with a name tag. If your theme is something other than a Las Vegas night or a Hollywood night, you can request that the dealers switch up their attire. They could wear a lei for a luau or a western shirt for a country party.

The company you rent from should have the perfect casino décor for your party. Casino nights can vary from a black tie affair to a relaxed atmosphere, so let the guests know what type of attire to dress in before they arrive.

Other supplies

Most companies will also offer other supplies for your party. For those who are not looking to play for keeps, rental companies can provide play money and raffle tickets. At the end of the night, guests can cash in their chips for raffle tickets. The winner of the raffle then wins whatever grand prize the host provides.

If you’re in charge of planning a casino night, contact 24 Seven Productions for all your Las Vegas event rental needs. We will help make the planning much easier.

Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring Event Staff

There are few aspects of your planned event that are as important as the staff you hire to work it. Not only will they be interacting with your audience and doing the hands-on set-up, your event staff is the face of your brand. Here are some big-time mistakes to avoid when hiring staff for your event.

Neglecting your Brand’s Image

Because your event staff is the face of your promotion, it is important to keep in mind the brand image you hope to present when hiring staff. Remember, as far as your audience is concerned, your staff IS your company.

Putting Off the Hiring Process Entirely

Taking too long to make decisions with regard to staff is a sure-fire way to end up with the wrong people. Whoever you want to hire for event staff, remember that they are people too with their own schedules and lives. Putting off the hiring process by a week or two might mean that the best people are no longer available. To ensure high-quality staff, keep the decision process as short as possible.

Failing to Consult with Your Team

It is important to consider the existing members of your team who will be working alongside these new and/or temporary event workers. Are there inherent personality clashes? Nothing will torpedo an event quite like having a team that cannot work together.

Failing to Understand Your Event Needs

It is crucial to have a solid understanding of your events size, length and audience before hiring staff. This information is indispensable when determining how many people to hire, as well as their gender, age and experience. Want your event to run smooth? Understand your hiring criteria first.

Not Interviewing Event Staff

With all the demands placed on you leading up to the big event, you may find yourself hiring staff without properly interviewing them. This is a big mistake. After all, you wouldn’t hire a full-time employee without an interview, right? Then why hire event staff, who will serve as the face of your brand throughout the event, without at least asking them a few questions in person.

Not Paying Them Enough

The quality of your event staff is directly proportional to how much you pay them. There’s no getting out of it. It may seem like a great idea to find event staff on Craigslist, but it is unlikely that jobseekers who find your opportunity this way will meet or exceed your expectations. It’s best to work with an established event staffing company.

Hiring Based on Looks

Though we said that your event staff will be the face of your brand, this doesn’t mean that their appearance is priority number one. While a good-looking man or woman might attract attention to your booth, it is much more important that your event staff have a high level of experience and professionalism along with a winning personality.

Overall, the point here is that you cannot neglect the importance of hiring event staff. Take the time, and invest the money to find the right people, prepare and train them for the event, and compensate them well. This will ensure that your event runs smoothly. For more information on event production in Las Vegas, contact 24 Seven Productions at (702) 731-2470.

5 Tech Gadgets Every Event Planner Needs

Running an event can be incredibly stressful. Some surveys have even listed it as one of the top 10 most stressful jobs. But, even though there’s no way to make the whole thing a walk in the park, there are a number of gadgets that can streamline the process. Below is a list of event management tools that is certain to delay your event-planning ulcer. Some are essential, others are useful, and a few are funny toys.

4G/LTE Wifi Device

Unless you’re holding your event in the middle of the woods, any event in 2013 ought to have Wi-fi. That being said, you can never be sure that you’ll be able to easily access existing networks or that these networks will always be up. With a 4G and/or LTE wi-fi device, as long as you’ve got cellular service you’ve got Internet. While the data plans vary depending on where you live, what doesn’t change is your ability to e-mail, communicate, access video, and everything else as if you were at the office.

Portable Thermal Printer

One day soon, printers won’t be relevant—I promise. Until then, you’re still going to need to print things once in awhile. At an event, you never know what you might need to print, but chances are you didn’t lug along the old Brother Laser printer. Your solution: a portable thermal printer. They use innovative technology to maintain an incredible small profile (a ream of paper takes up more space), but, as with most technologies, the price is inversely proportional to the size.

portable printer


Never heard of a Bobino? Well, now you have, and once you buy a few you’ll notice how much easier your event planning life has become. A bobino is a small, unassuming piece of plastic that keeps your wires and cables (everything from headphones to laptop power cables) organized and neat. As an event planner, this is key for cheaply presenting an organized, professional front while trying to untangle a dozen cables.

black bobino

Power Pack

The mobile world runs on batteries (for the moment, at least) and that means there’s a good chance your tablet, laptop, or phone is going to run dry during an event. What would James Bond do? He’d carry a back-up power pack. Basically you can get them as a smartphone case, a medium-sized charger (ideal for charging your smartphone and tablet at the same time) or a large-sized charger (which can be used with most laptops.) Bear in mind, though, you won’t be able to charge your MacBook with a conventional power pack. The best solution is to bring along an extra battery.

Small Projector

A decade ago, projectors mostly came as fragile briefcase-sized units that cost a bundle. Nowadays the tech industry’s shrinking ray (I mean, how else can they do it?) have reduced projectors (often called Pico Projectors) to hand-held size. While the quality is not quite as good as a full-size projector, these can be a lifesaver as a back-up plan or if you want to show files on the go. They aren’t cheap, but neither is missing a great opportunity because of a blown projector bulb.



Are you planning an event and need more than just tech gear? 24 Seven Productions is your source for all Las Vegas event rentalsContact us today for more information! (702) 731-2470

Top 5 Things to Rent for Your Next Big Party

There are a lot of elements that make for a good party. Of course you’ve got to have delicious food, awesome drinks, an appealing space, and great people to attend, but what’s the X factor? How can you make your event or party truly stand out? In this article, we’ll take a look at the Top 5 things you should rent ASAP.

1. Party Furniture

It’s not good enough to just use whatever furniture you have available. The right sofa, chair, bench, stool, or table adds an accent and life to your event. You can pick something slick and modern, vibrant and colorful, or subtle and classy–whatever best reflects the experience you’re trying to create. And don’t forget about outdoor seating! Las Vegas event rentals should never fail to include some outdoor seating.

2. Arcade Games

Want a party that’s both nostalgic and on the cutting edge? Try renting a vintage arcade game. Not only is it the perfect amusement for the shyer members of the crowd, but it adds just the right diversity to the overall experience–giving some a chance to show off and others a chance to remember the fondest part of their childhood.

3. Unique Lighting

A successful party is all about getting all the details right for a coherent audio-visual experience. Whether you’re trying to replicate a ’70s disco or a more modern day soiree, you can find–and rent for the short-term–the perfect lighting effects, including standing lamps, light covers, and products to accentuate the dancefloor.


4. Interactive Dance Floor

Want to kick your party up another notch? Try renting an interactive, lighted dancefloor. These aren’t just for big budget movies anymore. With a system like LightSpace, you can have an interactive, pressure sensitive dance floor that will not only have your attendees grooving, but get them talking about your event for weeks.


5. Models, DJs, and Event Staff

Though this isn’t renting so much as hiring, many event organizers forget how important it is to have their party supported by experienced staff. Whether it’s the person behind your music equipment, the people walking the floor, or the attentive staff that makes sure everything goes off without a hitch, you can’t put a price on good help. Don’t try to do everything yourself, hire the experts!




How to Utilize Event Rentals in Las Vegas for a Great Party

white lounge sofaWhether you’re throwing a golf-themed or music-themed party, event rentals in Las Vegas can help make your party a hit. Every party needs unique things for partygoers to enjoy. Utilizing event rentals will provide you with a great party and a great experience.

What Type of Rentals Should You Consider?

Most parties have a theme, so the rentals you choose will fit with your theme. For example, if you’re throwing a sports-themed party, you might consider basketball, golf, ping pong, air hockey and other sports related rentals.

Along with the rentals that fit with the theme of your party, you may also need furniture, sound and lighting gear, a dance floor and other types of party rentals. The right furniture design for your party venue can create the right type of flow for those in attendance. Of course, if you plan on having live music or a DJ, a dance floor is a must.

Properly Planning Your Party and Event Rentals

When you first put together the idea for your party, it’s important to picture what you want it to be like. If you plan to have a live band, you may need different event rentals compared to an event with just a DJ. You want to make sure you plan properly so that you don’t forget anything.

After you’ve listed some of the ideas for your event, it’s important to get layout of the venue and put together an idea of where things will go, such as a stage, dance floor, arcade games and furniture. Having a layout will help you piece everything together to create the perfect venue for the party.

Creating a Flow for Partygoers

Much like a bar or restaurant will use different sections of seating, you can use different sections to create a flow at your party. If there will be a bar or a concession stand, you can plan how people will get up from seating and walk to this area for refreshments. You may want to put games and other attractions along this path so that partygoers know where to find them. If you hide your attractions in the corners, away from everything else, they may become neglected throughout the event.

Creating a great flow will allow your partygoers the ability to find all the different attractions without feeling like they had to search for them. For larger event venues, it can be helpful to hand out maps with the different attractions pointed out. This can make it very easy for partygoers to find the different thing you’re offering at the event.

When you utilize different types of event rentals, you can enhance your event and make it memorable. From arcade games to the right type of furniture, you can set the entire vibe of your event by using the right event rentals in Las Vegas.

What will Arcade Game Rentals Bring to Your Event?

Throwing an event of any sort is a huge undertaking. There are so many things you must put together and prepare, especially if it’s a huge event. Making the right decisions will make a big difference. Here are a few things arcade game rentals can bring to your event.

Fun and Excitement

Bringing arcade games to your event will bring the excitement and the fun. Whether they are newer games or classic choices, both adults and children can enjoy playing an arcade game. Some of the simplest games are the most popular and you can even rent two player games for additional fun.

Added Competition

Whether you want friendly competition or you want to add a competition to your event, arcade game rentals can help. You can allow attendees to play the games together, compete for high scores and have fun with a little healthy competition.

Imagine families competing against each other with two-player games and friends competing to see which one can get the highest score. This type of competition can make your event unique and bring it to another level.


When you rent classic arcade games for your event, most of the people in attendance will be familiar with the game. It can bring a little nostalgia to your event and allow people to escape back into their childhood years. This familiarity will make it easier for people to enjoy playing the games throughout the event.

Newer games require a large amount of training to play and it’s not easy for everybody to pick up on very quickly. With classic arcade games, just about everybody can figure out how to play them, if they don’t already know how. Arcade game rentals provide the type of familiarity necessary to allow everybody to have fun with the games.

Excellent Icebreaker

As both a conversation piece and a fun game to play, arcade games provide a great icebreaker. Event attendees can bond with each other over their favorite game, which makes it easy to meet new people and reconnect with people from your past.

It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re planning, arcade game rentals can make it a success. If you want those attending your event to be talking about it for months after, arcade games can help create this type of buzz. With the right games, you can add that unique element, which makes your event so popular people will be begging for you to put it on again next year or even sooner!

Our Newest Creation You Have to Try!

24 Seven Productions is thrilled to present our newest creation: the LED DJ booth and gogo box combo with built-in LED TV screens! Take your event to new heights with easy operation, stunning visuals, and the greatest opportunity to market your brand in unforgettable fashion.

DJ and gogo boxes with LED screens

24 Seven Pro is your one-stop shop for all things event planning. With our furniture rental, A/V equipment, interactive dance floors, amusements rentals, and expansive database of performers and artists, we can guarantee that we’ll make your next big event one that guests will be talking about for years.

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What Your Event Needs: Interactive LED Lighting

LED Interactive dance floors and walls

Giving your event that “wow” factor has never been easier. That’s right, all you need is an interactive LED dance floor to make your event unforgettable. This lighting system is made up of pressure sensitive LED tiles that react and change to your guests’ touch. Customizable tiles can be arranged into floors or walls, which can display your brand logo/name, scrolling text, images, or colors. The possibilities are endless with interactive LED lighting and will pump your event up a few notches on the awesome scale.

24 Seven Productions LED lighting rentals include: delivery, complete installation, programming, operation during the event, and tear-down after the event.

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7 Classic 80s Arcade Games to Use at Your Next Event

Whoever said arcade games are for kids and teens who hang out at the mall never had one at their corporate party. Arcade games are the right amount of nostalgia and fun that really make an event memorable. Surprise your guests with any of these seven games and witness the real meaning of “blast from the past.”

1. Dig Dug

arcade game rental
The objective of Dig Dug is to exterminate subterranean earth dwellers with various means of execution. It’s a simple concept that provides continuous fun.

2. Galaga

game rentals

Galaga is an insect-destroying game that provides users with an outlet to seek revenge on loathsome creepy-crawlies. The bugs begin at the top of the screen, making their way toward you and your starfighter. But be careful: It’s game over when you lose all of your fighters or find yourself in insect captivity.


3. Super Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3

Super Mario Bros. arcade game

There’s an infestation of sewer creatures below New York City, and an Italian plumber, Mario, along with his brother, Luigi, are the only ones for the job. This timeless video game will bring you back to your turtle stomping youth.


4. Moon Patrol

arcade game rental

One small step for man… Moon Patrol isn’t a true depiction of the moon, but it does provide great entertainment. Controlling a moon buggy, you travel from left to right, dodging UFOs and indigenous tanks that want you gone from the land.


5. Stars Wars

arcade game rental

You can’t go wrong with this iconic touch. Star Wars fans and novices alike will love revisiting their youth while enjoying one of the most successful franchises in the industry.


6. Tron

Tron game rental

Consisting of four subgames, the game Tron was inspired by the events of the popular science fiction film with the same name. To go along with the film, the game contains some equipment and characters seen in the movie, including the Light Cycles, battle tanks, and the Input/Output Tower.


7. Pac-Man

rent Pac Man

This game is one of the cornerstones in video game history. It’s a simple, addictive design. Navigate Pac-Man through the maze to collect all the dots without running into the pursuing ghosts.



These games are the perfect touch to any event and will appeal to men and women of all ages. If you’re interested in learning more about our party rentals, contact us today or call (702) 731-2470.

Got a Family-Friendly Event Coming Up? Here are Five Event Rental Ideas Kids Will Love

You can probably see it now…the children of your friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors all running around at the event you organized. Planning a family-friendly event is arguably more challenging than creating one for adults, as you have to ensure there’s plenty to keep the kiddies occupied. Party rentals may not seem like a way to entice children at first, but they can actually provide hours of entertainment. Check out a few options:

1. Ping Pong Table

Even if they’ve never played table tennis before, children will likely be interested in a ping pong table. Teach them how to play or help them create their own special tournament.

Ping Pong Table

2. Wii

Set up a Wii console with a number of games to choose from and you may forget kids are even attending your shindig. Select a wide variety of games if possible so everyone has something to enjoy.

WII Gaming Station

WII Gaming Station

3. Giant Jenga Game Blocks

Heck, the adults will probably be into this one too! Nearly everyone is fascinated with over-sized game pieces, and this classic option will definitely give the kids something fun to do.

Large Jenga Game Blocks

Large Jenga Game Blocks

4. Arcade Games

Rent one game or a few to create your own version of an arcade. The bright colors, goofy noises, and the fact that they don’t have to use their own quarters will be more than enough to distract children for long intervals. Pick from new as well as vintage games, such as Star Wars!

Star Wars Arcade Game

Star Wars Arcade Game

5. Interactive Dance Floor

Children certainly “dance like no one’s watching,” though they will probably want their parents to watch them this time. An interactive dance floor that features an array of sounds and colorful lights in combination with the right music will make for hours of (tiring) fun–and will guarantee kids go right to bed when they get home.



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