Keep your guests upbeat and excited about a birthday or another special event. Instead of playing games, book a live band and consider the following methods to increase the excitement level.

Three Ways to Have More Fun at Any Party

Anyone can throw some music on and bring out the board games, but it takes someone special to host an unforgettable party or special event. Whether celebrating your own birthday, the anniversary of a loved one or another type of event, try out these party planning tips to elevate your get-together to a higher level.

Hand Out Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to give your guests something special that will remind them of the night they shared with you. Instead of using the same old gift bags and favors that everyone else hands out, look for customized or personalized gift ideas. By giving your guests beer steins with their names engraved on the front or picture frames with the date of your party emblazoned across the front, they’ll have a tangible memory to take home.

Bring in Live Music

When throwing a party, you may need to choose between playing your own music or hiring a DJ. Instead of relying on those old-fashioned options, why not hire one of the top Las Vegas cover bands? Regardless of your musical preferences or party theme, you can find the right band for you. Look for bands that play classic tunes, modern rock, pop music from the ’80s or even mariachi.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Turn your event into a red carpet event. While you might not have celebrities on hand like award shows do, you can still give your guests an unforgettable experience. Hire waiters to pass around appetizers on silver trays, let your guests walk across a real red carpet when they arrive and encourage everyone to come dressed in their best outfits.

Hosting a party is as easy as picking a theme and looking for ways to set your special event apart from other parties. Booking live music, handing out customized party favors and using a red carpet will keep your guests excited.