Event planning can be stressful, time consuming and expensive if you have never planned an event. Your goal is to “wow” your guests and ensure they have an unforgettable night that they wish they could relive if they had the chance to. Having a busy schedule may limit the amount of time you can put into planning an event. This is why we have created a short list of things to consider when planning your next Las Vegas event.

Neon pink event tables

1.Create The Proper Ambiance

When planning your special occasion, it is important to create an ambience that entices your guests to stay for the event’s entirety. Hiring a professional company to set the tone of your event saves you time, money and stress. Event planners are extremely detail oriented and organized, so the little things that the ordinary person might forget don’t go unnoticed.

Event production services specialize in management and concept development to execute your event successfully. They have all of your needs under one roof such as furniture rentals, lighted dance floors, DJs and live entertainment. You’re ensured that the event’s mood will be set to the proper tone. Las Vegas lighted dance floor rentals are a great way to keep your guests grooving all night.

2) Serving Good Food and Drink

Let’s be honest. What’s an unforgettable party without the food and drinks? According to Total Wine & More, when planning the drinks for your party most attendees will consumer about two drinks within the first hour of the occasion. Guests will then consume approximately one drink per hour. They also suggest that 50% of people prefer wine, 30% prefer beer and 20% will prefer mixed drinks. This is good to keep in mind when ordering your alcohol selection.

Serving good food at your event will also keep everyone talking about your event. Booking local food trucks to come to your occasion is an innovative way for guests to have the option of choosing the exact cuisine they wish to have.

3) Choosing The Entertainment

Good food and drink is best accompanied with great entertainment. 24 Seven Productions can serve your entertainment needs with their selection of local DJs, go-go dancers, or award winning cover bands. If you are unsure of what type of music to play at your party, you can always choose from a list of “The 100 best party songs ever made” on timeout.com

4) Enjoy Yourself!

After months of planning it is only fair that you get to enjoy yourself too. Having a team of professionals at your event will ensure that you can relax and enjoy the occasion longer than you would without a professionals help. You’ll be able to enjoy the food, mingle with friends and better yet take a deep breathe and pat yourself on the back for planning an unforgettable event!