Adding live entertainment to your event is one of the best ways to shake up the party. Whether you’re throwing a launch party for a new product, a celebration for an achievement or any other type of event, the right cover band can turn those moments into flashbacks. Here are some of the top Las Vegas cover bands you can choose from.


Loveshack is a nostalgia band found in Las Vegas. They are considered one of the best and will provide incredible entertainment for your next event. Loveshack has five members and they provide a high-energy show with many covers from the 1980s. They were voted Best of Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review Journal, along with Favorite Band from the What’s On readers’ poll.

Vegas Dreamin’

Vegas Dreamin' band performing

If you prefer a band playing covers from the 1960s, Vegas Dreamin’ is one of the best. The band made their debut at the 2014 HBO Emmy after party and has become the talk of the city. They cover songs from the Jackson 5, The Beatles, The Papas, the Supremes and many others.

The Secret Agents

Covering plenty of classic rock hits from the 1980s and 1990s, The Secret Agents is one of the best in the business. Their high energy will have everybody up and dancing as these guys in fedoras and ties become the life of the party. The Secret Agents cover songs from top musical acts, such as Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Alice in Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more.


There is nothing musically that this band can’t handle. Elemental’s top notch vocals and rhythmic guitar style will have your guests walking down memory lane. Whether its Motown British, classic rock or invasion surf, Elemental will always deliver a solid performance.

The Whip-Its

Band members from the group The Whip-Its


Imported from the Western European nightclub scene, The Whip-Its offer flawless renditions of all your favorite 80’s hits. They go above and beyond with their impeccable vocals and with their comedic audience engagement. You’ll have your guests laughing infectiously while dancing with the beat of the music. The Whip-Its cover songs by Madonna, The Human League, Violent Femmes, The Go-Go’s and much, much more.


This isn’t you typical cover band. Dynamite combines popular dance songs from 80’s, 90’s and today while simultaneously acting as Napoleon, Pedro, Deb, and Kip from Napoleon Dynamite!  These comical, music geniuses captivate any audience with their humor and astounding talent. Let Dynamite perform at your next gathering!

No matter what type of music you’re after, there’s a tribute band ready to perform at your next event.