YAMAHA MG24-14FX: 24-Channel Mixer With Effects


The MG24-14FX has 16 mono microphone/line channels and four stereo line channels in addition to the mono mic/line channels. All 16 mic preamps in the MG24-14FX are of exemplary quality. They offer low-noise, transparent amplification with the widest possible range of dynamic and condenser microphones, which adds up to cleaner, better-sounding mixes. All mic preamps feature switchable phantom power for phantom-powered studio condenser microphones. Phantom power is switchable in 8-channel groups. Illuminated ON (channel), PFL (Pre-Fader Listen) and phantom-power switches let you confirm critical console settings at a glance. In addition to lots of input channels, live sound reinforcement applications usually demand a number of additional mixes – usually in the form of group sub-mixes and aux sends for external signal processing and monitor mixes. The MG24-14FX has a total of 14 mix busses: the main stereo program bus, four stereo group bus pairs for convenient channel grouping, six auxiliary busses.