Steve Walker/Drummer

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DJ Name: Steve Walker/Drummer
Preferred DJ Genre: House, EDM
DJ Genres: House, EDM, Current, Top 40, Classic Rock
City Location: Las Vegas

If you love House, I mean Love the deep, soulful, electric rapture that is House music. Meet DJ Steve Walker, he’s the man to bring it to you! Walker Started his DJ career in the relaxed Mediterranean beauty of Greece, where he performed and brought his unique style to enthusiastic, music loving crowds on the beaches, clubs, and lounges the region is loved for. After receiving his first drum set at the young age of 7, he dedicated himself, and quickly evolved into an advanced jazz drummer placing him at the head of his class. By the age of 16, Walker earned through showmanship, and professionalism, residencies throughout Greece and New York City. By 20, Steve continued to bring “the soul home” adding residencies in San Francisco, Boston and Las Vegas… In his performance, DJ Steve Walker brings a mix of three vital skills, artistry through expression, composition through originality, and drumming with the art of rhythmic percussion. Masterfully, he uses all these/three skills together while DJ-ing to create for you, a unique soul MOVING experience. The performance he shares with you is nothing short of mesmerizing. And let’s just say it’s not unheard of for audience members to throw hundred dollar bills at him; his sets are that good. Walker has enjoyed performances in diverse venues around the world where jet- set club goers line up to hear his beats, mixes and fiery drum solos; As with all things Greek, once you get a taste, you always want more. On the production side of things, Walker was the Host of his own weekly Mix show called ‘The Rhythm of House’ on 94.5 The Vibe FM Las Vegas. The only mix show in the world showcasing live House music. Since 2003, Steve has been the record label owner of Five A.M. Deep Records. Walker has been extremely busy with his new Alias ‘EuroTrash Collective.’ EuroTrash Collective are a platinum, Grammy nominated team with a proven track record and over 15 years of studio experience. Thanks to their heady abilities with melody, harmony and the keenest ears for a thumping Euro-beat, their partnership has already lead them to a Grammy Nomination (with renowned DMC Champion, DJ Rectangle) for ‘Best Latin Urban Album’ thanks to four of their original compositions being placed on Spanish rap treasure La Mala Rodriguez’ ‘Malamarismo’ album (one being the artists’ biggest selling single, ‘Nanai’) followed later that year by a placement on the much-hyped C- Murder album. A favorite with both singers and rappers, Walker has a very calming effect on artists in the studio thanks to his intense work ethic, speed and of course, his time on ‘The Other Side Of The Glass’!