Male/Female Hand Balancing Act

Product Description

This couple of acrobatic dancers demonstrate beautiful interdependence with breathtaking balance maneuvers of astonishing strength, flexibility and trust. Their entertaining relationship is sensual, strong and always a hit at any type of event!

We just came off a successful two-month run for the variety show, CabaRAE in Waikiki, Hawaii, as well as a hit run of shows for The Moisture Festival in Seattle, culminating in two nights at the world famous, Teatro Zinzanni. Here’s what key people had to say about us:

“FUGAZI FENOMINAL! This act brought a new vibrancy and dimension to our already critically acclaimed show, which was reflected in the amount of standing ovations they received.” ~Alan Goldberg & Wanda Azzario-Goldberg, Creative Producer & Artistic Director, CABARAE variety show at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki

“They should hook up a dynamo to this duo and power the city as a form of alternative energy!” ~Flambeaux, Director of FlambeauxFire

“Body2Body was one of the most outstanding acts ever created at Cirque. Thank you for your creative genius & generosity!” ~Anne-Marie Duchene Casting & Talent Scout for Cirque du Soleil

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