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Preferred DJ Genre : EDM

DJ Genres: Open format

Resident Location: Las Vegas


Consistently proven to have an impressively solid and diverse musical repertoire LP SOUND presides as one of the Premiere Dee Jay Talent to book from the West Coast, United States of America. Label Owner/Co-Founder of Fourfifteen Recordings since its inception, LP SOUND, has had his music featured in all France Quiksilver TV Commercials, Film Soundtracks, Podcasts and more.

As a veteran to the electronic music nightlife this dapper individual has gained a foothold in the industry as the DJ / Remixer / Producer who delivers some of the freshest tracks on the scene. His beautifully produced arrangements may seem out of box concepts, obviously not your typical Top 40 style you find amongst his traditional striving counterparts, but his thriving cuts and pumping rhythms come to life in any format.

Captivating audiences everywhere transcending stage, club and lounge. He has showcased his swank at venues such as the Foundation Room, Butter, Vanguard, 1015, and Beauty Bar. Providing signature sonic blends, his unique ability to converge any crowd from deep to an energetic frenzy while mesmerizing dance floor audiences worldwide keeps his fans anticipating dose after dose of those positive, feel good vibes every time.

With support across the globe in such countries as Spain, Germany, Japan and Australia, LP SOUND continues to have a stronghold on sound innovation and directing crowds through each frequency with ease. Remarkably making him stand out as one of the most respected artists today.