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Preferred DJ Genre: Progressive house | Big Room
DJ Genres: Progressive house | Big Room
City Location: Las Vegas

In 2012, I had the amazing opportunity to go to a music festival known as “iHeart Radio Music Festival”. I checked the lineup and I saw that Usher, Linkin Park, and Deadmau5 were going to be there. At the time, I didn’t even know what dance music was. I thought it would be cool to experience deadmau5, because everyone at school was listening to him. I was excited to see Usher and Linkin Park, but when Deadmau5 started spinning, I was automatically in love. All of the lights, the rhythm, the dancing. It was an amazing and fun experience. That’s when I realized, it was my time to learn how to DJ! I bought some apps for the iPad and iPhone, but I wasn’t truly in love yet, it was only a thought. Christmas 2012 was by far my favorite Christmas. My dad bought me the “Numark Mixtrak Pro DJ Controller” and that’s when I really got into it. At first, I was listening to more Deep House and Dubstep, whereas now I listen to Progressive House and Hard Electro. June 2013, all my practice was starting to pay off. I was offered to DJ at a 4th of July event for my first official gig. Around 300 people showed up and it was really fun. I played two 1-hour sets. I was trying to look for gigs, but being a 12 year old, it wasn’t that easy. I did about 10-15 house parties until December 2013. I finally got an opportunity that would change my DJ career forever. I got to DJ at Dirty Blonde’s Pong & Pool at Planet Hollywood. I killed it! I set the dance floor on fire. Everyone was dancing, everyone. It was epic! My mom finally knew I was getting somewhere so she talked to Maurice Wooden, C.O.O. at Wynn/Encore Resort & Casino. She asked him “Can my son meet with you in hopes of getting some direction on how to become the world’s next biggest DJ? After all, this is where all of the biggest DJ’s play.” The very next week, I met with Mr. Wooden and Jesse Waits, Sean Christies, and Jonathan Shector or “Shecky Green” (the club promoters and investors at Wynn and Encore). Shortly after this meeting, I had the opportunity to meet with Shelco Garcia (Professional DJ/Music Producer Signed to Mixmash Records) and Luca Prepolesi (Owner DMI recording studio at Wynn and Encore). We met in the studio and Luca gave me a 30 minute tour of the studio. Shelco gave me a really helpful lesson on FL Studio, the software I use to produce music. They also advised me to learn how to read music, and since then, I have weekly private keyboard lessons. It has truly helped with my music production. I also have recently upgraded my DJ Controller to the “Pioneer DDJ-SX”. In closing, I would like to reiterate that I’m amped and ready to go! So I’m ready when you are :).