DJ PlayTime

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DJ Name: DJ PlayTime
Preferred DJ Genre: House, HipHop, Trap
DJ Genres: Mainstream,Dance, HipHop, R&B, Mashups, Indie, Ele
City Location: Las Vegas

Born and Raised in the city of Las Vegas Alex Andrade, more popularly known as Dj Playt!me, has grown up in the fast paced music industry. Since the young age of 16 Dj Playt!me was introduced to the Underground scene of EDM and has transititon to producing his own remixes and original tracks of everyone’s favorite songs. His Djing skill is complimented by the energy that can be seen at any of his performances. He now has 6 years of experience playing from small crowds to huge venues, but no matter where he plays he knows how to get the party started!