DJ Dynamixx

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DJ Name: DJ Dynamixx
Preferred DJ Genre: Breakbeat
DJ Genres: Party, Top 40, Rock, 70-80’s, Old School, Funk
City Location: Las Vegas

DJ Dynamixx come from the old school when DJ’s used two turntables and actual vinyl records.  He has over 21 years of experience in the Las Vegas music scene including other locations across the United States.  His Music knowledge, ability to transform music through turntables, brilliant programming, and music production, has enabled him to be recognized as one of the top DJ’s in the U.S.  DJ Dynamixx has versatility when it comes to mixing the many genres of todays music.  His mix of Old School, New School, Top 40, and Electro, creates crowd-motivating music where people of all ages can enjoy.  He has held several residencies and guest appearances in Las Vegas nightclubs and hotels, residencies on popular radio mix-shows, and opportunities of performing with or for major artist.  His ability to transform a crowds vibe through high energy entertaining music makes him one of Vegas’ most sought after DJ