Abra Ca Dabra

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Abra Ca Dabra

The object of Abra ca dabra is to advance the bonus as high as possible, and to collect the bonus. This is harder than it sounds. The first way to advance the bonus is to complete the 1-2-3-4 rollover sequence. This will advance the bonus and award the bonus, and reset the drop targets.

The other way to advance the bonus is to knock down all 5 drop targets in either bank. (Note that the one lit drop target per bank will award the current bonus level.) If all 5 drop targets are down in either bank, the center bullseye target lights, allowing the player to collect the bonus (which will also reset the drop targets).

Once the bonus is maxed out at 5000 points, knocking down either set of 5 drop targets will light the center bullseye target for a Replay. If both sets of 5 drop targets are knocked down, the center bullseye is good for two Replays.